What metrics are available to track the performance of my ad campaign?

The platform tracks the number of impressions, clicks and and budget spent. Additionally, we recommend using tracking links to measure other performance metrics. That way you can keep track of which ads perform the best.

Web only

To set up tracking through UTM codes, you can use Google's Campaign URL Builder tool to create unique URLs with UTM parameters for each ad or link. You can then use these URLs in your ad campaigns to track clicks and conversions in Google Analytics or any other analytics tool. To get started, you will need to enter the relevant UTM parameters such as campaign source, medium and name into the URL builder tool, and it will generate a unique URL for you to use.

Apps (or web and app)

To track the performance of your ads in an app or mobile environment, you can set up tracking through a mobile measurement partner (MMP).

Use the MMP's documentation to set up your campaign's tracking parameters to generate links. We recommend using different links to track different campaigns to compare performance.

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