How to report fraud

If you notice an email, a charge or a transaction attempt associated with your Tabby account or card that you don't recognise, please report the matter to us as soon as possible.

Before reporting a charge, please take the following steps to ensure it is authorised:

  1. Verify that you are the only person in your household who has used your account for shopping.
  2. Check your emails for any order confirmation or messages from Tabby around the date of the purchase.
  3. Consider whether it could be a charge for a previous order that was billed separately (if applicable).
  4. Determine if it might be a temporary authorisation hold for a pending purchase (if applicable).

If, after considering these factors, you still do not recognise the Tabby purchase, you may be a victim of fraud. 

Please report the potential fraud directly to us as soon as possible by contacting our Customer Service team via chat through the app, by email at or by phone at: 

UAE: 80082229

KSA: 8001110999

Kuwait: +96522270163

Bahrain: +97316163529

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