How does Tabby work?

You can create an account and start using Tabby right away.

Or simply choose to pay with Tabby at checkout when shopping with a Tabby partner store, and a Tabby account will be automatically created for you.

You might be asked your ID when you register with Tabby. It helps us verify that it's really you who's signing up, and not someone else. Rest assured, we keep all your information safe and secure with bank-level security measures and 128-bit Encryption.



  1. Fill your cart, then select to pay through Tabby at checkout.
  2. Check your mobile number and email, then select Sign up with Tabby.
  3. Enter the verification code you receive on your mobile via SMS.
  4. You will get a success purchase message.
  5. You now have a Tabby account! and you can make & check payments on Tabby app.

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