I don’t recognize the charge or transaction attempt, what should I do?

If you come across an email or notice a charge or a transaction attempt associated with your Tabby account or card, that you don't recognize, please report the matter to us.

Before reporting a charge as unauthorized, please take the following steps to ensure it is indeed unauthorized:

  • Verify that you are the only person in your household who has used your account for shopping.
  • Confirm that you did not unintentionally select Tabby as a payment option during checkout on a store's website.
  • Check your emails for any order confirmation or messages from Tabby around the date of the purchase.
  • Consider whether it could be a charge for a previous order that was billed separately (if applicable).
  • Determine if it might be a temporary authorization hold for a pending purchase (if applicable).

If after considering these factors you still do not recognize the Tabby purchase, you may be a victim of identity theft, hence please report it directly to us through the app or by contacting our customer service.

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