How do I make a payment?

The fastest and easiest way to make your payments and check your payment status online and through the Tabby app.

Accepted Payment Methods


Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard


Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard, MADA


Visa, MasterCard, KNET, Apple pay


Visa, MasterCard, Benefit


Visa, MasterCard

When you shop with Tabby, your payments are calculated automatically according to the payment schedule displayed during the purchase process. When you successfully complete your purchase through Tabby, you will receive an email with the payment schedule to view at any time. We will remind you of upcoming payments.

In the event that you wish to make an early payment, log in online, or download the application and choose the payment to be paid and select “Payment Options”. There are no fees for making early payments.

You can view all amounts, make payments and control your personal account by logging in online or using the Tabby application.

Follow the steps below to make the payment

  1. Log in to the Tabby App or Tabby Online
  2. Click on My Payments from the menu
  3. Choose the order you want to pay or pay all remaining payments
  4. Follow the steps shown to complete the payment and make sure that you use the correct payment information when making the payment to avoid any errors.

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